Peacock Garden Supports provide a smart alternative to sticks, strings, and cumbersome wire cages.

Not to mention that all the support stakes and rings are completely interchangeable and are suitable for a variety of both small and large plants. And they can be put in place at any time of the year without damaging the plants.

Garden Supports

For all your outdoor gardening needs, Peacock Stakes and the accompanying Rings, Grids, and Borders provide an attractive way to provide support for your plants and create borders along paths and walkways. Now available in a scalloped design. View All

Mini/Indoor Supports

Perfect for container gardening and indoor plants, our Mini-Stakes and matching Support Rings are made of .13" galvanized steel with a vinyl sleeve.  As with all Peacock products, they will last you a lifetime! View All

Veggie Supports

These handy plant stakes for the vegetable garden make it easy to build a frame for peas or a plant spiral to encourage tomatoes to grow upwards.  Use connector clips to fix the stakes together and binders to attach the stakes to the plants. View All

Bush Supports

The classic among plant supports is our bush supports. Available in 1/2-circle or 1/2-scalloped in various lengths, they are made from a one-piece design and easily set into the ground to support border plants and others. View All

Twiggy Supports

Twiggy Garden is the versatile, flexible plant support. This one-piece design provides maximum support for falling plants, hanging stems, or heavy flower buds, like sweet peas, oleander, clematis, or morning glories. Choose from Dark Green or Rust. View All


Get additional products to make your Peacock Garden Supports even more functional, like more couplers or adding decorative extensions. With just a click, a functional plant support can be transformed into a real feature of the garden. View All