Mini/Indoor Supports

Indoor plants bring life into your home.  To give those beautiful house plants extra support, Peacock has designed the Mini Support system.

Mini Stake & Coupler

Perfect for container gardening and indoor plants, these stakes are made of .13" galvanized steel with a vinyl sleeve and will last you a lifetime! Stakes have a safety knob for eye protection and the coupler can easily be moved up and down the stake so the support ring is always the correct height of your plant.

  • #PGS171012 - 16" Mini Stake
  • #PGS17102 - 20" Mini Stake
  • #PGS17103 - 24" Mini Stake
  • #PGS17104 - 30" Mini Stake
  • #PGS17105 - 36" Mini Stake

Mini Support Ring

Mini Support Rings are available from 2" in diameter up to 8" in diameter.  Because of the different sizes available, you can use these Mini Support Rings for a variety of plants.  Use multiple couplers to attach extra rings to the same stake for added support.   

  • #PGS17210 - 2" Mini Ring
  • #PGS17211 - 4" Mini Ring
  • #PGS17212 - 6" Mini Ring
  • #PGS17214 - 8" Mini Ring


Mini Center Support Ring

Much like our classic version, our Mini Center Support Ring holds the plant steady from the middle.  Available in multiple sizes to accommodate a variety of plants.

  • #PGS17250 - 6" Mini Center Ring
  • #PGS17251 - 8" Mini Center Ring
  • #PGS17252 - 10" Mini Center Ring

Mini Couplers

A unique attachment for securing the support rings to the stake.  The couplers allow the ring to be moved up and down so the "support" grows with the plant.  Use multiple couplers on one stake for added support. 

  • #PGS17400 Mini Couplers (4 Pack)