Smart Support for the Finest Gardens

Do you also enjoy a lovely, colorful garden with beautiful plants and flowers? It is a joy to behold. In the Springtime, plants come back to life and grow in the warmth of the sun. Unfortunately, after a heavy rain shower, the flower buds can be damaged and are left hanging. At Peacock you will find a variety of products which will give your plants optimal support.  As well as plant supports for the garden, you will also find products for your vegetables and indoor plants.

Peacock Plant Supports grow with your plants, providing a smart alternative to sticks and strings. All the support rings and stakes are completely interchangeable and are suitable for a variety of both small and large plants. Peacock Plant Supports can be put in place at any time of the year without damaging the plants.

Supports That Grow With Your Plants!

Throw out the cumbersome wire cages and build a smart support system throughout your entire garden.  The coupler easily slides up the stake so the ring, grid, or border can provide support for your plant as it grows.

  1. Select the stakes desired for your garden area.  Choose from Classic or Fiberglass Stakes, both available in a variety of lengths.

  2. Then select the rings, grids, and borders needed to best support the plant varieties in your gardens.

  3. First, turn the coupler before sliding it on the stake to the desired height.

  4. Position the stake at the side of the plant.

  5. Gather the plant together and place the ring around it.

  6. Clip the ring, grid, or border into the coupler.

  7. Add additional couplers to support multiple rings on the same stake.

  8. Raise the couplers and rings as the plants grow.