Peacock Garden Supports

Peacock Garden Supports grow with your plants, providing a smart alternative to sticks, strings, and cumbersome wire cages.  All the support rings and stakes are completely interchangeable and are suitable for a variety of both large and small plants.  Peacock Plant Supports can be put in place any time of the year without damaging the plant.

Classic Stake with Coupler

The support stake is the basis of the plant support system.  Each support stake comes with one coupler, to which the support ring, grid or border edge can be attached.  As an added safety feature, the support stake has a rounded knob to protect eyes.  Made of .28" galvanized steel and coated with a vinyl sleeve, the support stakes will last you a lifetime!

  • #PGS9101 - 30" Classic Stake
  • #PGS9102 - 40" Classic Stake
  • #PGS9103 - 50" Classic Stake
  • #PGS9104 - 60" Classic Stake
  • #PGS9105 - 70" Classic Stake
  • #PGS9132 - 40" Deluxe Stake
  • #PGS9133 - 50" Deluxe Stake

Fiberglass Stake with Coupler

The Fiberglass Stake is a lightweight option and is completely interchangeable with the classic support rings, grids and borders.  Each stake is .31" in diameter and includes one coupler where you can attach fiberglass straps, or the classic support rings, grids and borders.

  • #34-11100 - 20" Fiberglass Stake
  • #34-11101 - 30" Fiberglass Stake
  • #34-11102 - 40" Fiberglass Stake
  • #34-11103 - 50" Fiberglass Stake
Peacock Fiberglass Stake.jpg

Support Rings

Support Rings help hold the plant in place.  Because of the different diameters available, you can use it for all types of plants.  Use the Twister Coupler to attach more rings to the same stake.

Side Ring

  • 2"-#PGS9210 
  • 4"-#PGS9211 
  • 6"-#PGS9212 
  • 8"-#PGS9214 
  • 13"-#PGS9216 
  • 15"-#PGS9217

Center Ring

  • 12"-#PGS9251
  • 15"-#PGS9252

1/2 Circle Ring 

  • Create a circle using two
  • Great for supporting bushy plants, such as daisies
  • 8"-#PGS9222
  • 21"-#PGS9223
  • 25"-#PGS9224

1/3 Circle Ring

  • Supported by two stakes
  • 32"-#PGS9230

Grow Grids

For delicate plants, it is wise to use a support grid.  If the grid is placed over the plant at the beginning of the season, the plant will grow through.  Works great for peonies!

Round Grid

  • Standard Support
    • 16"-#PGS9284
    • 20"-#PGS9285
    • 24"-#PGS9286
  • Center Support
    • 12"-#PGS9291
    • 16"-#PGS9292

Umbrella Grid

  • Extra support for plants like roses
  • Must be used with a 6-hole coupler (#PGS9408)
  • Install the grid when the roses have already been pruned for the upcoming season
  • 24"-#PGS9296

Rectangle Grid

  • 36"-#PGS9283

Border Edges

Along the garden path, plants can be kept back in an attractive manner by using a straight or scalloped border edge.

  • #PGS9261 - 32" Straight Border Edge
  • #PGS9273 - 40" Scalloped Border Edge

Scalloped Support Rings & Grids

New for 2014!  The scalloped design of these support rings allow plants, like Peonies, to be supported and grow more naturally throughout your garden.

Scalloped Ring

  • 13"-#PGS9219
  • 19"-#PGS9220

1/2 Circle Ring

  • Supported by two stakes
  • Use a Twister coupler (#PGS9407) to use more than one on the same stake
  • 21"-#PGS9225

Scalloped Grid

  • 17"-#PGS9293
  • 21"-#PGS9288

Rectangular Grid

  • 26"-#PGS9287

Additional Couplers

Couplers allow the support rings, grids, and borders to be easily moved up and down the support stake so it can "grow" with the plant. Use multiple couplers on one stake to support various areas of a plant or to support more than one plant.


  • One comes standard on each Peacock Stake
  • 4 couplers per pack
  • #PGS9400


  • Easily clicks/twists on to the side of the stake
  • 4 couplers per pack
  • #PGS9407


  • Use to create a full circle of rings with only one stake!
  • 2 couplers per pack
  • #PGS9408

Support Straps

Fiberglass Straps allow you to create instant borders.  The 40" and 50" Straps are flexible and allow you to create 1/2 circles or 1/2 ellipses of any size.

  • #34-11200 - 20" Fiberglass Strap
  • #34-11201 - 30" Fiberglass Strap
  • #34-11202 - 40" Fiberglass Strap
  • #34-11203 - 50" Fiberglass Strap

Fiberglass Stake Pins

Made with the quality of our longer Fiberglass Stakes, these shorter pins are made especially for supporting the Nameboard Toppers (Model #34-11450).  Never again forget what type of plant is growing in your garden!

  • 4 Pack
  • Does not include a coupler
  • The Nameboard Topper easily snaps on to the eye-protecting ball on the top of the pin
  • #34-11451 - 14" Fiberglass Stake Pin