Twiggy Supports

Twiggy Supports are a versatile, flexible plant support that consists of a trunk with 6 bendable branches.  The branches can be shaped to bend around the plant as desired providing maximum support where it's needed most.  Perfect for use with sweet pea plants, oleander, clematis or morning glory.  Made of galvanized steel, Twiggy Supports are easy to use and are a great addition to any garden, container or balcony.  Available in dark green or rust color.

  • #PGS4001 - 60" Green Twiggy Support
  • #PGS4002 - 60" Rust Twiggy Support

Place your Twiggy Support in a planter and decorate it for the upcoming holiday!  Easter eggs and birds make a witty Twiggy for Easter, add ornaments and ribbon for Christmas, or paper ghosts for Halloween - the possibilities are endless!