Since 1991, the Peacock Company has been providing decorative and functional gardening products and can now be found in over 3,000 stores worldwide.

Sonja and Winfried Pouw both loved gardening and spent hours together in their gardens filled with peonies, delphiniums, and other beautiful plants. It was then that Sonja couldn't find a good product to support her tall delphiniums. In their garden house, she and Winfried bent a piece of metal and created the first Peacock Plant Support. From there, they made more in different widths and heights and used them in their gardens.

Friends who visited were astonished by their beautiful gardens and wanted to get the same plant supports. In 1991, Sonja and Winfried started producing them and exhibited at countryside garden fairs to sell and promote their products. On the first day, at the first fair, they completely ran out of stock. Thus they produced more and the Peacock Company was established.

The Peacock Plant Supports were also noticed by the buyers of Dutch Garden Centers, which gave Sonja and Winfried the idea to design a retail concept with custom-made displays. They offered their concept to the Garden Centers and it was successful.  New products were designed and new customers came. Peacock went international and started selling to Garden Centers and DIY stores in Europe. Nowadays, the Peacock Products are sold in more than 3,000 stores worldwide.

Sonja Pouw

Sonja Pouw

The product range contains not only supports for the flower garden, but also supports for vegetables and indoor plants. Sadly, Winfried passed in 2005, and Sonja took over the business. With her staff, she continues to develop new products and find new markets. Besides the Peacock Plant Supports, there are also stylish bird feeders and many other decorative and functional garden items for use year round.


So why the Peacock name? Pouw is the Dutch word for Peacock.

For the U.S. Market, we are proud to supply a range of Peacock Garden, Vegetable, and Indoor Plant Supports.

Garden Supports

For all your outdoor gardening needs, Peacock Stakes and the accompanying Rings, Grids, and Borders provide an attractive way to provide support for your plants and create borders along paths and walkways. Now available in a scalloped design. View All

Mini/Indoor Supports

Perfect for container gardening and indoor plants, our Mini-Stakes and matching Support Rings are made of .13" galvanized steel with a vinyl sleeve.  As with all Peacock products, they will last you a lifetime! View All

Veggie Supports

These handy plant stakes for the vegetable garden make it easy to build a frame for peas or a plant spiral to encourage tomatoes to grow upwards.  Use connector clips to fix the stakes together and binders to attach the stakes to the plants. View All

Bush Supports

The classic among plant supports is our bush supports. Available in 1/2-circle or 1/2-scalloped in various lengths, they are made from a one-piece design and easily set into the ground to support border plants and others. View All

Twiggy Supports

Twiggy Garden is the versatile, flexible plant support. This one-piece design provides maximum support for falling plants, hanging stems, or heavy flower buds, like sweet peas, oleander, clematis, or morning glories. Choose from Dark Green or Rust. View All


Get additional products to make your Peacock Garden Supports even more functional, like more couplers or adding decorative extensions. With just a click, a functional plant support can be transformed into a real feature of the garden. View All

Who Are We?

Besides being the exclusive distributor for Peacock in the United States…simply put, we are a team of gardening specialists that get to indulge our passion every day (and even call it our job!).  We started over 18 years ago when our founder, Charles Stenftenagel, struggled to find the best tools, the right accessories, and the unique products he wanted for his own, personal gardens. He knew he wasn't alone.  Thus our company was born and the rest, as they say, is history.

Our mission from day one still remains true today: to be your go-to supplier; the people you turn to for innovative, distinctive, and timeless garden products. Our goal is to spread the joy of gardening across the entire nation while providing products of the highest quality, world-class service, and creative solutions for the ever-changing needs of our environments. We want to help grow not only our Garden Center customers, but also the gardens our products end up in.

Want to learn more? Call us, check out our website (, or just ask around. You'll see that we're known for having a broad offering of relevant products, fast, efficient shipping, high fill rates, great merchandising displays, no hassle warranty replacement, nationwide distribution, and much more.

Thank you for choosing TDI Brands.  As we continue to garden the earth, we look forward to growing with you for many years to come.



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